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King of Kings- Lotus Theory Collection

King of Kings- Lotus Theory Collection

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Exodus by Lotus Theory Collection. 

King of Kings is a deep purple with a subtle blue undertone. I had to have at least two purples in my line!

The name meaning is self-explanatory, so I will share with you my thought process in landing here. When Jesus was crucified, it is widely recounted he was clothed in a purple robe, mocking Him as the “King of the Jews”. He was adorned in this robe along with the universally recognized crown of thorns.

Purple is the color of royalty and prestige. In the time of Jesus, the dye was widely expensive and therefore, only worn by those with the means to afford this luxury, such as high-level officials, royals, the Roman Empire, and bishops. Knowing this makes me want to paint everything purple! I am grateful for the unrestricted accessibility of my favorite color. 💜


Eye Love Hue Paint is a rich creamy acrylic mineral paint that is perfect to transform furniture pieces and home decor items. 

The coverage of a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint will depend on several factors, including the surface being painted, the thickness of the coat, and the application method. As a general rule of thumb, a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint can cover approximately 64 to 80 square feet of surface area with a single coat.

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