Archival Papers

Our papers were chosen with you in mind. That is why we offer 9 different papers. We know how your art feels is just as important as how it looks. Be sure to get your Sample Kit!

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Giclee Prints

Each Print is created with acid-free, heavily pigment inks. Print sizes start at 8x10 and can be up to 24" on select papers.

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  • Palo Duro Etching 315

    *texture and feel of watercolor fine art paper

    *100% cotton rag 


    *museum quality

    *conservation grade 

    *textured surface 

    *natural white

    *prints up to 24”

  • Aurora White 250 or 300

    *100% cotton fiber 

    *100% made in USA 

    *cooler white tones 

    *min OBA 


    *archival grade 

    *250 gsm /300gsm

    *250 prints up to 22”

    *300 prints up to 24”

  • Aurora Natural 300

    *100% cotton rag 

    *100% made in USA 

    *warmer white tones *no OBA


    *museum grade 

    *Acid free 


    *Prints up to 24”

  • Blanco Matte Inkjet Canvas

    *Real cotton/poly woven canvas

    *Superb saturation and black density

    *Matte finish

    *Double weave

    *Natural white

    *Transforms photos into art on real canvas

    *Images with deep blacks and rich color

    Gallery wraps and flat mounting ability * we do not offer stretching to frame

    *print up to 24” with no white borders

  • River Linen

    *Photo matte paper 

    *elegant lined texture 

    *great for photos 

    *great for art prints 


    *prints up to 22”

    available for greeting cards upon request

  • 88lb Polar Matte

    *Ultra smooth 

    *subtle non-reflective 

    *bright white tone 

    *Acid free base stock 

    *acid free coating

    *prints up to 22”

Fine Art Cards

Art Card Prints are available in multiple sizes and formats. Folded cards in 5x7, 4x9, and 4x6. Envelops are available upon request.

Flat cards are availble in 5x7 and 4x6.

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  • Pecos River Gloss

    *Great for Photos

    *Great for Cards

    *High Gloss smooth surface

    *Acid Free base stock

    *Acid free coating

    *Text and light print on back

    *For pigment and dye inks

    *Only one of it’s kind in North America

    used for greeting cards

  • 60lb Premium Matte Plus

    *Ultra smooth 

    *non-reflective matte finish 

    *bright white

    used for greeting cards

Photography Art Prints

We selected the finest papers for your Photography Art! Photography Prints sizes begin at 5x7 and go up to 17x22.

These papers can add a beautiful shine to your Fine Art Prints as well as create gorgeous Photography Prints.

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  • Polar Luster Metallic 255

    *unique metallic look

    *classic luster surface

    *satin texture 

    *Metallic pearl tone 

    *great for photos 

    *255 gsm

    *prints up to 22”

  • 75lb Artic Polar Luster

    *Elegant deep luster finish

    *Brilliant white paper tone

    *Acid free base stock. Coating slightly acidic

    *Photo Grade paper

    *Extra coating layer on back helps slow fade with dye inks

    *Back of this product is not printable

    * prints up to 22”