What makes an artist? Is it just the ability to put pen to paper, or brush to canvas? To bring to life an image of fantasy or whimsy, or landscape or portrait on a page? In my life I have come to see art in many different forms. In the world around me, and in the smiles of my children and grandchildren. I have seen it in the way they laugh and they way that they carry themselves as they grew. I see it every day in God's creations all around us. But it took me a very long time to see it in myself. 

Greeting Cards!

Custom Hand Painted Furniture

Gorgeous custom painted Furniture by artist Renee Smith! Each piece is created in loving brush strokes and layers of color! Add the perfect center piece to your room and be the talk of all your guests!

Canvas Art

Beautiful hand painted original canvas art by artist Renee Smith!

Viewings and Consultations by appointment only.

734 Blankenship Rd

Noel Missouri 64854