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Renee Smith is an accomplished artist and the visionary behind Rainy Day Vintage, where she serves as both the artist and owner. With a multifaceted talent, she extends her creative influence as a writer, educator, and as a curator of timeless creativity for The Turquoise Iris Journal.

Renowned for her distinctive use of moody colors and an intuitive style, Renee's artistic journey began on furniture and has since expanded to encompass canvas, mixed media journals, and wood art. Her intuitive florals and landscapes bear her signature textured depth, making her work easily recognizable and deeply resonant.

As the founder of RDV Prints, a faith-based printing company, Renee caters to artists seeking to explore new avenues of revenue through art prints. She is dedicated to fostering artistic growth. Through her engaging Real Talk Mondays, Self-Talk Tuesdays, workshops, and commission work, as well as her insightful writing, she empowers others to embark on and expand their artistic journeys.

Renee's intuitive approach not only nurtures creativity but also instills confidence, helping individuals trust their instincts and discover their unique artistic voice and style. Her passion for infusing light and joy into the world through art shines through every aspect of her work, inspiring others to embrace the transformative power of creativity. 


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