About Us

    Hi Ya'll!

  I'm Renee, creator, artist, and owner of Raine Gardens and Rainy Day Vintage, where I create bespoke furniture for a unique and immersive experience!

You know how every beautifully decorated room on interior design shows have that one unique centerpiece that ties everything together? 

  Well, I offer beautiful, one of a kind centerpieces for your home. If you want an extra special touch to your space, I can help you with your own creations! I do this by offering classes that walk you through my creative process, allowing you to take the skills you learn and transform them into a style that is completely your own.

  This gives me the ability to help aspiring artists to express themselves more freely with the added skills and techniques to build their repertoire. This isn't my journey, it's yours! It is formed by your laughter, your smiles, and you tears. It is framed by the love you share and the lives you touch. And I am ever so grateful to you for taking me along with you!

Creating bespoke art and furniture tailored specifically to you is what I love most! Art should be an experience and a reflection of who you are!

  My clients say that I give them the freedom and confidence to create their own visions in their own unique way!