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  • Writing, Art Gallery, and Lotus

    Writing, Art Gallery, and Lotus

    Remember last time when I talked about doing it afraid? (If you missed that blog post, you can read it here!) Well, I took that advice and braved the tree frogs, figuratively, of course.  Even I have a way to go before that one.

    2 weeks ago, I loaded my canvas art in my truck and drove almost 2 hours to display it in a gallery event alongside some pretty amazing artists. Talk about nervous!

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  • Face your Fears, they say!

    Face your Fears, they say!

    Do the thing! Do it afraid! Face your fears!

    When I hear this advice, I picture me standing in a dark Airbnb with my husband asleep in the bedroom, my adult son asleep on the pull out in the main room. I have a book in one hand, coffee in the other, and not a single lamp. I have options.  Wake one of them up by turning on the overhead lights so I can read, or go out onto the amazing porch, sit in the swing and read by the light out there.

    I take 2 steps in the direction of said porch, only to have the image of just a few hours earlier flash in front of my eyes.  Tree frogs. The nasty little buggers everywhere!  And the one that fell into my hair. Hard shudder that nearly sloshed precious coffee out of my cup. That’s a No.

    I spent that morning sitting by the stove huddled under the light from the microwave, safe from tree frog invasion. Yeah, frogs are my kryptonite.

    Fortunately, tree frogs are not what that advice refers to. And though it may seem the tree frogs won, they didn’t. Maybe I didn’t go outside to read. But I didn’t give up. I found a way to do what I wanted—read and enjoy my coffee.

    Sometimes our dreams are like that. Do it afraid may mean small steps, not taking on all those giants at once. Start with a single step.

    What dream are you holding back? Want to learn to paint? Afraid of what others will say or think? Do it afraid! Ignore the tree frogs! You don’t have to join them to beat them!  There are so many artist communities for you to find support, teaching, encouragement and love.

    Rainy Day Painting Membership Group is one and just opened to new members! We are a small group so you won’t feel lost in the crowd!  Inside is a safe place for you to learn and share as we grow together! Will I see you inside?


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  • The Art in Self Belief

    The Art in Self Belief

    What makes an artist? Is it just the ability to put pen to paper, or brush to canvas? To bring to life an image of fantasy or whimsy, or landscape or portrait on a page?    In my life I have come to see art in many different forms. In the world around me, and in the smiles of my children and grandchildren. I have seen it in the way they laugh and they way that they carry themselves as they grew. I see it every day in God's creations all around us. But it took me a very long time to see it in myself. 


           I started my journey in furniture. 

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