Writing, Art Gallery, and Lotus

Writing, Art Gallery, and Lotus

Who knew writing my 2nd blog post would be scarier than the first? What if I don’t have anything to offer? What if no one reads it?

MOVE OVER TREE FROGS! You won’t win today!

Remember last time when I talked about doing it afraid? (If you missed that blog post, you can read it here!) Well, I took that advice and braved the tree frogs, figuratively, of course.  Even I have a way to go before that one.

2 weeks ago, I loaded my canvas art in my truck and drove almost 2 hours to display it in a gallery event alongside some pretty amazing artists. Talk about nervous!

What if my work was (I believe the word I used to my husband) pedestrian?  Wow!  We really are hard on ourselves!

Here is what I learned. To see my art through some else’s eyes! When you create from your heart, it really does speak to others.

There was one painting in particular that I had hidden away and moved it the morning we were packing, placing it beside my easel with full intentions of painting over it when we came home. My husband and daughter saw it and insisted it had to go with me. Under protest, I loaded it up.

Once setting up in my space, I tucked it behind other paintings afraid the simplicity of it would show me for the fraud I was. Then something happened. It was spotted. The woman just stared, help captive by it. When I asked what she thought of it, her words stunned me. “It’s Powerful!”, she said. Suddenly, I could see the brush movements in the lotus petals and the way the water seemed to lift it. Oh, my!

I was reminded time and again of these words; It is our job to do the work, not to judge the work. (Found in the Artists Way, by Julie Cameron.)

I’m also reminded of my Dad’s words; God gave you talent and with it He gave you everything you need to use it in the way it is meant to be used.

What are you hiding away because you are afraid to share it? I can tell you from my own experience with the vulnerability of creating art and sharing it with the world, it is worth it! Someone out there needs what you have to offer! Shine your light!

Don’t let the tree frogs win today!


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Renee, you should see your art through eyes. I in awe of your art. You are amazing.

Atkinson Cheryl

Your words encourages me this week as I was needing to hear them my friend. Just create with passion and whom it speaks to is not up to us. I’ve got to get you to loving the Tree Frogs darling 😂 if not the frog it self at least love there songs that they sing during the night ❤️

Ally Deaver

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