RDV Prints

88lb Polar Matte

 *Ultra smooth 

*subtle non-reflective 

*bright white tone 

*Acid free base stock 

*acid free coating

*prints up to 22”


River Linen

 *Photo matte paper 

*elegant lined texture 

*great for photos 

*great for art prints 


*prints up to 22”

available for greeting cards upon request


Aurora Natural 300


*100% cotton rag 

*100% made in USA 

*warmer white tones *no OBA


*museum grade 

*Acid free 


*Prints up to 24”

Palo Duro Etching 310


*texture and feel of watercolor fine art paper

*100% cotton rag 


*museum quality

*conservation grade 

*textured surface 

*natural white

*prints up to 24”

75lb Artic Polar Luster



*Elegant deep luster finish

*Brilliant white paper tone

*Acid free base stock. Coating slightly acidic

*Photo Grade paper

*Extra coating layer on back helps slow fade with dye inks

*Back of this product is not printable

* prints up to 22”

Blanco Matte Inkjet Canvas

*Real cotton/poly woven canvas

*Superb saturation and black density

*Matte finish

*Double weave

*Natural white

*Transforms photos into art on real canvas

*Images with deep blacks and rich color

Gallery wraps and flat mounting ability

*print up to 24”


Aurora White 250 or 300


*100% cotton fiber 

*100% made in USA 

*cooler white tones 

*min OBA 


*archival grade 

*250 gsm /300gsm

*250 prints up to 22”

*300 prints up to 24”

60lb Premium Matte Plus


*Ultra smooth 

*non-reflective matte finish 

*bright white

used for greeting cards

Polar Luster Metallic 255



*unique metallic look

*classic luster surface

*satin texture 

*Metallic pearl tone 

*great for photos 

*255 gsm

*prints up to 22”

Pecos River Gloss

*Great for Photos

*Great for Cards

*High Gloss smooth surface

*Acid Free base stock

*Acid free coating

*Text and light print on back

*For pigment and dye inks

*Only one of it’s kind in North America

used for greeting cards