3 Ways to Create Your Sanctuary Space

3 Ways You Can Create Your Own Sanctuary

Everyone and everything demands your attention all day. You long for one moment to yourself.  “Calgon, Take me away,” is the cry in your mind----long record scratch---  ok, so maybe I showed my age with that one, but the sentiment is definitely the same.

We all need a place to escape from the anxieties and pressures of the constant demands on us to wear all the hats all the time. A Sanctuary. The one place that welcomes us, reflects who we are inside our deepest soul, and surrounds us with peace.

For me in a house of millions of people—ok, not millions, but close—having that place is essential to not only my peace of mind, but also to keep my relationships with those I love most healthy.  IT IS NOT SELFISH TO NEED AND CREATE YOUR OWN SANCTUARY!  It is vital to your life!

So how do you create your own Sanctuary? Here are 3 ways to create your own Sanctuary and how to determine which way is best for you!                         

Do you love the smell of sawdust? Do you love getting right in there with the paint brushes and have the skills to turn your walls and furniture into the pieces you dream they can be? Then this first option is for you!

Option 1— DIY your space! Makeover your existing pieces or go on a treasure hunt for pieces that you love!  Or would love with the right finish! Gather up your favorite brushes and mineral or clay based paints and get right in there. There are so many ways to add embellishments, from decoupage  and transfers to DIY furniture moulds!  

Now, maybe you dream of creating your own Sanctuary but have been holding back because you think you lack the skills. Then option 2 is for you! You can do this!

Option 2---Community Workshops!  Sign up for a workshop or a group!  There are so many amazing artists holding workshops, both online and locally to you. Find one whose work speaks your love language and sign up! With the techniques you will learn, you can create walls, furniture, and yes, even canvas art for your space!

For those of you who are like my Mom (She always wanted everything done yesterday without her having to worry about it.) So many times as a child, I would see her come home from a long, stressful day of teaching school and hear her say, “Calgon, take me away.” Calgon never did.  I know now that if she had just had a Sanctuary in our home, she wouldn’t have needed Calgon to take her anywhere. She just didn’t have the time or energy to create it for herself. Sound relatable? That’s where option 3 comes in for you!

Option 3---Have someone custom create your space! These days it is easier than ever to find an artist who speaks your language when it comes to creating Sanctuary. Reach out to them! The right artist can take your heirloom pieces (or find pieces for you) and recreate them to fit your style so you will love them even more!  

Which one are you?  Are you ready for your own Sanctuary?

No matter which option best fits you and your lifestyle, you can get started now!  With 3 different paint lines in stock and embellishments on our website, the only limits are your imagination! For more information or to schedule workshop or consultation on custom finishes, email renee@rainydayvintage.com or click here to join a monthly community.



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I need all 3. I definitely need to attend workshops but they cost money that I dont have
I love sawdust and love to get in there and work but here is where #3 comes in
I need someone e to organize me. ADD is real.
Love your blog!

Atkinson Cheryl

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